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Herb's Story: Whole Gland Therapy isn’t for everyone. That is why I chose HIFU.

Herb Riemenschneider, M.D., Urologist, HIFU Patient, HIFU Physician

Herb Riemenschneider, M.D., a urologist in Columbus, OH was diagnosed with low grade prostate cancer late in 2013. As a physician, he has spent years learning and training how to provide patients with the best possible patient care.

He understands better than anyone what the potential side effects and the recovery of all the treatments looks like. As an urologist and prostate cancer specialist, he is on the front line and knows exactly what is at stake with a prostate cancer diagnosis. With that all that knowledge and experience, he chose to have HIFU.

Dr. Riemenschneider called a colleague of his, John Jurige, M.D. to create a plan for how to treat his prostate cancer. In February of 2015, Dr. Riemenschneider had a focal HIFU procedure by Dr. Jurige.

“For early to intermediate risk cancer, I have come to believe that HIFU therapy is equal to radical surgery in terms of cancer control. And it offers a much more favorable side effect profile, ” said Dr. Jurige.

After his HIFU procedure, Riemenschneider experienced little to no side effects and was able to return to his active lifestyle within a few days.

“Just like anyone else, I had to evaluate all the treatment options and decide what was going to be best for me personally,” said Riemenschneider. “Yes, I am a doctor. But I am also a husband, father, grandfather and a friend. When I became the ‘patient’ it was important for me to pick a treatment that fit with my active lifestyle.

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